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Personal training in Leiden and Voorschoten

Under the supervision of an academically qualified personal trainer you will work on your physical and mental fitness levels. With the help of coaching sessions, nutritional advice and personal training we will inspire you to get the most out of yourself. Make an appointment for an intake without obligation.

Yes, I want to be stronger then ever!

Why Personal Training with Stronger then ever?

Stronger than ever. What a wonderful feeling. You feel mentally sharp and physically strong. You will work towards a realistic weight goal. All of this will give you so much energy that you will know for sure: I am stronger than ever.

During our intake discussion, we will take a 360 degree look at your lifestyle, we will discuss your goals in the field of activity and/or weight control. Then we will get down to work to achieve your desired levels within the year.

Personal trainer Martijn Schoonhoven (35 jaar)
Founder Stronger then ever (2010)

Sterker Dan Ooit - Personal Training in Voorschoten en Leiden

Personal Training in Leiden

Stronger than ever, choose the exercises that suit you during the “Personal Training Leiden” program. Move in the right way! And also sweat a lot to achieve any additional goals, you achieve that with personal training Leiden! Contact us for a no-obligation intake!

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Nutritional Advice

Many people have developed eating habits that do not help them achieve an appropriate weight and / or age well. If you want to change this, it is important to be open to alternatives. These alternatives can also be very tasty! We are happy to help you with that.

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Coaching Sessions

Not all health goals are all about sports. Sometimes there is an energy issue (for example a burnout or overstrain). It goes without saying that we look beyond just exercise and nutrition.

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Succes stories

Our trainer have a lot of experience with exercising with medical complaints, reaching a realistic weight goal, burn-out recovery and more energy. Read the succes stories from some of our clients.

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