Nutritional Advice

Eating healthier to feel better and achieve a realistic weight: That sounds like a dream. However, with well-considered nutritional advice, it is possible.
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Targeted Nutritional Advice

Nutrition: It remains a popular topic with countless books written and still being written about it. The goal? They all promise to provide information containing everything “you need to know.” Pages filled with meticulously detailed nutrition tips, but when you finish the book, you think: Where on earth do I start now? That’s what makes it difficult for many to take the right first steps.

Do you see the forest for the trees? Simple and complex carbohydrates, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, different types of proteins, animal-based or plant-based food: they are all covered extensively in diet books. Unfortunately, these “half novels” are often too detailed, making it easy to lose track and ultimately irrelevant to your personal situation. Taking good care of yourself also takes time. To make it as manageable as possible, creating a plan that truly fits your life is crucial for success. A personal health plan makes this concrete. How do we approach this at Sterker dan ooit?

Concrete Health Plan

  • We address the question: What is best for you to eat? The most important thing is to stabilize your blood sugar levels. A stable level results in less craving for sweets and, importantly, a better mood.
  • We identify the healthy eating patterns you already have. In the nutritional advice, we place extra focus on these eating patterns so they become healthy habits.
  • With the nutritional advice, we provide ideas for further filling out the personal nutrition plan.
  • After filling in the plan, we monitor the progress for several weeks via an app. This gives you and us insight into your progress.
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