What does a personal trainer cost?

The costs of personal training vary greatly depending on the level of experience and specific needs or issues. Think of knowledge and expertise about posture and injuries, coaching skills, and educational level. Do you just need a “push” to stay on track and have no other issues? Then a personal trainer who charges a lower rate will suffice. If you have special complaints or needs, you will need a certified personal trainer who has the necessary certificates or diplomas and is familiar with methods to help you with these specific issues.

Personal training costs in Leiden and surroundings

In Leiden, an hourly rate between 50 and 80 euros is typically charged. In Amsterdam and Wassenaar, prices of 85 euros per hour or per session are more common.

Personal training at Sterker dan Ooit

What are the costs of a training session with a personal trainer or coach at Sterker dan ooit? We charge a rate of 67.60 euros per session, including VAT. Additionally, we do not use subscriptions to “tie down” our clients. We prefer to keep you coming back by delivering good work, under the guidance of personal trainers, coaches and physical therapists with HBO/WO education.

Payment is made monthly in arrears, based on the number of sessions you have attended.

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