Coaching Conversations

In personal training and nutritional advice, coaching conversations can provide support in achieving sports goals. This can include gaining insight into energy distribution, brainstorming practical solutions, dealing with setbacks, and getting to know your strengths and areas for improvement.

Not all health goals are solely related to sports. Sometimes there is an energy issue (such as burnout or stress) that comes to light through personal coaching conversations. In these cases, not only exercise and nutrition are considered.

The following points could be discussed during coaching conversations:

  • What gives you energy and how do you manage your energy?
  • How can you structure your life to ensure you have sufficient recovery moments?
  • What are your biggest energy drains?
  • The Pareto principle: with which 20% of solutions do you achieve 80% of the results?
  • How do you shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?
  • How can you regain control over your health with personal leadership?

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