Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking about starting personal training but do you still have questions? Your answer may be below! Isn’t that the case? Please contact us! Or take the first step immediately and request a no-obligation intake interview.

Personal trainer

Why personal training?

Personal training differs from independent training in a number of aspects. What is involved in personal training?

  • Engaging the correct muscles during exercises
  • Step-by-step as part of a plan
  • Resolving long-term movement related issues
  • A plan with interim, achievable goals
  • Sharing progress with your trainer
  • Tips and tricks regarding nutrition and lifestyle
  • Developing body intelligence

Personal training means really personal, so you can work 1 on 1 on your goals for an hour. We do not provide duo training because the power of personal training lies in the personal attention. We also offer duo-training for an adjusted price, if you would like to bring a friend.

Sterker dan ooit is located at Rooseveltstraat 43P in Leiden, in the Luckygym building. Besides having a wide range of equipment and exercise possibilities available, the personal and relaxed atmosphere is frequently mentioned by our clients. We have a diverse clientele: seniors with a bit of a belly, athletes training for competitions, pregnant women, physiotherapists, psychologists, and children boxing. Feel free to come and have a look at our facility! It’s good to know that we also offer outdoor training sessions.

It’s quite the opposite, a customized training! We look at how you move and then choose the best-fitting exercise. Whether you are 20 or 75, it doesn’t matter. Step by step, each session gets a bit more challenging, working towards achieving your goal.

Our team consists solely of certified physical therapists. Having a physical therapist supervise your exercise session adds value by ensuring correct form, preventing injuries, and addressing specific medical issues. We provide personalized guidance, create tailored exercise plans, and help you achieve goals safely and effectively.

The added value of a personal trainer is comprehensive and depends on the type of goal. Someone who wants to lose weight benefits from motivational coaching and guidance in choosing the right exercises based on how they move. If you have medical issues, we conduct a movement analysis, start by safely strengthening the weak muscles, and then proceed with functional exercises. Additionally, we also help with getting back into motion after a burnout. In this case, it’s crucial to progress responsibly. Check out the success stories of Els, Marcel, and Andrea to get an idea of the possibilities.

Coaching Sessions

We believe there are four pillars that influence your health: exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and sleep. These pillars affect your physical health and, naturally, also impact your mental and emotional state. For instance, you can concentrate better at work if you get enough sleep, and it becomes easier to lose weight if you get enough relaxation in addition to your training sessions. In short, our vision is that health and happiness are closely linked to exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and sleep. During the coaching sessions, we discuss these health pillars and work together to find a way to incorporate them into your life. The primary goal is achieving your objectives. We help you take a step back to look at your actions to reach that goal.

Depending on the goal, we decide in consultation with you whether it is wise to also start coaching. The duration of a coaching session depends on the topic and its priority at that moment. The lighter conversations can take place during training (highlighting points regarding nutrition, for example), and the more in-depth coaching can occur in the coaching room. We ensure that the setting matches the subject being discussed.

Nutritional advice​

Losing weight and eating less are often mentioned in the same breath. But the first step you should take if you want to lose weight is to ensure a stable blood sugar level. Only then can your body effectively burn fat. The result is a healthier weight, a lower risk of age-related diseases, and more energy. Nutrition is increasingly being linked to well-being rather than just weight or weight loss, which we find positive. Our experience is that it helps enormously to want to eat healthily to feel better rather than just aiming for weight loss.

Healthier eating to feel better and achieve a suitable weight. How do we approach this? It’s crucial to stabilize your blood sugar level. A stable blood sugar level reduces the craving for sweets and, importantly, leads to a better mood. When you start with us and indicate that you want to work on your nutrition, we always first look at what healthy eating habits you already have. We then provide ideas to supplement this. The aim is not necessarily to work very rigidly, although some people prefer that approach. We look for a method that suits you well and provides a positive result. Many people have developed eating habits that do not help them achieve a suitable weight or age healthily. If you want to change this, it’s important to be open to alternatives. These alternatives can also be very tasty! We are happy to help you with this. Contact us!


At the end of the month, you will receive your invoice based on the number of training sessions you had with us that month. At Sterker dan ooit, we do not work with punch cards or packages. There is only one way to keep you as a satisfied customer, and that is by delivering quality.

We charge a rate of 67.60 euros per hour. This includes VAT.

We charge a rate of 39,50 euros per hour per person for duo training. This includes VAT.

The invoice can be paid via a payment link in the email.