Train with medical compliants

Are you unable to exercise due to pain and injuries? Are you dreading trying again and falling back into the same pattern of complaints? Below you can read the steps we will go through together to help you move within your capabilities again. In this way we work to restore trust and reduce complaints.

Step-by-step plan for medical complaints

We will go through the following steps together to get you back on track:

  • We’ll start with a movement analysis. What do the back, shoulders, and knees do during certain movements?
  • Which muscles are responsible for these movement compensations?
  • We’ll identify which muscles are overworking (feeling tight) and which need to be strengthened.
  • You’ll learn how to relax these tight muscles.
  • We’ll choose exercises that suit you to strengthen weak muscles.
  • As you gain more control over your muscles, the movement compensations will reduce, and the pain will diminish.
  • We can now introduce more complex exercise forms. Get ready to sweat!


This way you become stronger than ever.

Success Stories: Exercising with Medical Conditions

Lees het verhaal van Michiel

Michiel (76)

Never too old for personal training

I’ve been training with Stronger than ever since 2013, and even after 5 years, I get so much benefit from it. I’m a little older, and for me, training means the difference between being able to make everyday movements with or without pain. There’s always a focus on details. Feet 2 inches further apart, shoulders back, tilt the pelvis. They pay attention to what you do and explain to you exactly which muscles make that small adjustment necessary. And that’s where you feel it. When something gets a little painful, the exercises are adjusted, to make sure I can train responsibly.

For the rest, we have a lot of fun. We talk about all kinds of things while training, and we laugh a lot. You are never too old to start working with a personal trainer!

Michiel de Vries
Retired physicist

Lees Andrea's ervaring

Andrea (43)

Great results in terms of strength, fitness, and balance.

Ideally I want to work out as much and as intensively as I did five years ago. Running, cycling, squashing. As long as it’s dynamic and powerful. The reality is that I spent more time with physiotherapists than I did in the saddle, running, or in the gym. Short sessions with the physiotherapists never yielded a long-term solution and each time I lost a little bit of my performance. In part because after an injury, I wanted to do too much, too quickly.

After a few years or struggling like this, I was so tired that I went in search of a solution that would truly help me. That solution is Stronger than ever, where I started working with Martijn and Bart! Stronger than ever has the knowledge required to properly build up your strength and power, and the clam to teach it without rushing anything (which, especially in my case, was necessary), but they also have everything they need to make training challenging and intense.

Glute and ab work (based on what I can do) alternated with intensive cardio. No two lessons are the same, and the exercises are never done two lessons in a row. It’s a chain of all kinds of variations. The main advantage is without a doubt the personal attention. Faking and slacking are not an option. They look at your posture and form, because only then will you benefit. How often had I participated in an ab workout class and refused to admit to myself that it wasn’t my abs doing the hard work.

That is why with Stronger than ever, you quickly start feeling results in your body. In terms of strength, fitness, and balance. I am super excited!

Criminal Judge