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Personal training and coaching​

After 11 years of personal training and coaching in which we have helped quite a few people, we are happy to share our experiences and insights with you through this blog. During the coaching processes we discovered that the same underlying processes regularly play a role on the way to achieving a health goal.

A good example is personal leadership during a weight loss process. We noticed that it is extremely valuable if more information is freely available in an informal way about which psychological constructs can play a role in this. This makes you better prepared and gives you the opportunity to have a conversation during or after the training sessions. This improves the result.

What we want to achieve through personal training, coaching and nutritional advice is that you not only feel physically stronger, but also better able to anticipate when major changes occur in your life. How do you deal with this and which tools can you use to achieve your goal and to remain at the level you have achieved?

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