How do you become stronger than ever?

gedragsverandering voor een betere gezondheid

Feeling stronger than ever, how do you achieve that? Exercise, of course! But also taking enough rest and eating healthily, with the occasional exception. Being willing to make choices that truly benefit you. With this, you get more out of life. You get through the day with enough energy, don’t feel drained after work. You feel clear-headed, and your built-up resilience allows you to handle setbacks well. By specifically training your muscles, you have a stronger body, so you’re not quickly hindered by physical complaints. And you achieve a realistic and healthy weight that suits your body type.

Sounds fantastic, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it seems.

Behavior Change Leads to Success

“Knowledge about nutrition and exercise is not enough to change behavior.”

Countless self-help books have been written about health, weight loss, and finding balance in your life. One significant reason why reading about this is not enough for most people to achieve their health goals is simple. Recognizing a problem is an essential first step towards improvement, but it doesn’t cover the full scope of actual change. Recognition says nothing about behavior change.

Sterker dan ooit does not extensively focus on exact amounts of fiber or calories per day, low-carb days, and #fitgirls & fitboys training programs. Protein shakes with specific amino acids, lengthy recipes, or complicated diets? We want to help you learn more about yourself, and we are especially interested in your behavior and how it affects your health.

Kijken we naar voeding, dan beperken we ons tot de kern, zoals aangeleerde eetpatronen die de balans verstoren bijvoorbeeld, en essentieel voor succes zijn. De minder relevante zaken negeren we. We gaan er namelijk van uit dat jij niet de ambitie hebt om als een topsporter te leven. Waarschijnlijk heb je een druk sociaal leven en een veeleisende baan naast je voorgenomen doel op het gebied van gezondheid. Het streven is om een beperkt aantal, maar wel essentiële factoren zaken in te zetten waarmee jij je doel behaalt. Het is een illusie te denken dat je alles perfect moet doen om op een gezond gewicht te komen. Wel is het nodig om enkele gedragingen te doorbreken en door middel van positieve feedback nieuwe, gezonde gedragingen te automatiseren. Daar helpen we je mee.

Personal Leadership & Responsibility

From our background and experiences as psychologists and personal trainers, we have noticed that personal leadership is crucial for achieving your health goals. Personal leadership is defined as “the ability to lead oneself.” Without this skill, you are led by others and ultimately contribute to achieving their goals, not yours. Taking responsibility means that you are able to achieve your goals by making optimal use of your own qualities and talents. You know what your personal style is and what drives you, but you are also aware of your weaknesses and potential pitfalls. This enables you to make conscious choices, both professionally and personally.

So, focus on the most important 20% of possible solutions first! It saves a lot of time, effort, and frustration to try to do everything perfectly. Don’t do this because you won’t be able to sustain it. Focus on the important things. To achieve that last 20% result, going from an 8 to a 10, you need much greater effort. It’s better to invest this energy into something else.

At Sterker dan ooit, you’ll learn how personal leadership works in practice and how to use it to achieve your health goals.

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