Realistic bodyweight through a stable bloodsugar level

Bloedsuikerspiegel in balans met een goed dieet

Why Everyone Should Know This! Losing weight and eating less are two things that are often mentioned in the same sentence. If you follow personal training at Sterker dan ooit, we also address persistent eating patterns and provide you with targeted nutritional advice. The first step in losing weight is to ensure a stable blood […]

Work-life balance while losing weight

What does WORK-LIFE BALANCE have to do with the success rate of weight loss? Have you ever tried to lose weight but failed? Of course, a decent exercise and nutrition plan are certainly important, but the focus quickly diminishes when you have too many other things on your mind. What can you do yourself to […]

How do you become stronger than ever?

gedragsverandering voor een betere gezondheid

Feeling stronger than ever, how do you achieve that? Exercise, of course! But also taking enough rest and eating healthily, with the occasional exception. Being willing to make choices that truly benefit you. With this, you get more out of life. You get through the day with enough energy, don’t feel drained after work. You […]

How does personal leadership work in practice?

Getekend poppetje die in de spiegel kijkt en persoonlijk leiderschap neemt

In the blog article “How Do You Become Stronger Than Ever?” we reflected on the importance of personal leadership in determining success in the area of health. But how does personal leadership work in practice? How do you recognize certain behaviors in yourself (awareness) and how can you change them (action)? To recognize behaviors in […]

How do you manage your time or your energy?

Verschil tussen energie en tijd

Being an involved parent, maintaining relationships, developing yourself at work, renovating the house, doing volunteer work, organizing the household, or meeting up with friends and family. Ideally, you want to do it all as perfectly as possible, and thus a large portion of your available time is taken up by filling it with valuable activities. […]