Work-life balance while losing weight

What does WORK-LIFE BALANCE have to do with the success rate of weight loss? Have you ever tried to lose weight but failed? Of course, a decent exercise and nutrition plan are certainly important, but the focus quickly diminishes when you have too many other things on your mind. What can you do yourself to ensure that you have enough energy to achieve your goal?

  • Start a process of behavior change when you have/take the time to learn new habits. It typically takes 20 to 30 times to automate an action. Therefore, don’t overcrowd your schedule and take time to reflect on what is going well and what you can do differently. Keep control!
  • Arrange your environment so that you are constantly reminded of your important goal. That means; at home and at work. Tell your colleagues what you plan to do and set yourself a result goal and a process goal. The result should be able to withstand the well-known SMART criteria, and the process goal describes which tools you will use to achieve that result.
  • Furthermore, during my working hours as a Personal Trainer, I noticed that people often “punish” themselves in such a process by not planning activities outside the home. This is counterproductive. Make clear agreements with yourself about how you will approach it, and you don’t have to fear dinners getting out of hand. Because: the happier you are with yourself, the greater the chance of success!

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