Personal Training

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What Makes Personal Training "Personal"

When is an exercise “appropriate”? A beginner athlete might be able to perform a squat, but may not be using the correct muscles. Possible consequences include knee overuse or a sore back. To change this, you will first work with your personal trainer on isolated exercises for the glutes and abdominal muscles.

In isolated exercises, the emphasis is on correctly contracting a single muscle rather than multiple muscles simultaneously. After that, we do the squat again, and it becomes easier to contract the correct muscles. With strengthened abdominal and gluteal muscles, the focus during the squat is more on the back of the legs and the abdomen and less on the knees and back. With targeted training, you learn to use the right muscles!

Now that you know how to use the correct muscles during an exercise, we can gradually make the exercises more challenging. The result: improved posture, fewer injuries, more muscle strength, less fat, quicker achievement of a realistic weight, more energy, and more confidence in your body.

Why is Personal Training Important?

  • Preventing or healing injuries is a significant reason to use the right muscles during exercise.
  • Your body composition improves; more muscle strength and less fat.
  • You can perform more complex exercises, increasing your metabolism and helping you reach a realistic weight faster.
  • Move more easily and freely in daily life and be more energetic.

Become Stronger Than Ever!
Moving the right way and also working up a good sweat to achieve any additional goals, that’s what you achieve with training at Sterker dan ooit! Contact us for a free intake!