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Personal Trainer Leiden

Stronger than ever, chooses the exercises that suits you during the “Personal Training Leiden” program.

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Not all health goals are all about sports. Sometimes there is an energy issue (for example a burnout or overstrain). It goes without saying that we only look at exercise and nutrition. Other aspects are also important, for example: where do you get energy from? How can you organise your life in such a way that you have enough recovery moments? What are your biggest energy drains?

Stronger than ever, choose the exercises that suit you during the “Personal Training Leiden” program. When is an exercise “appropriate”? It is possible that a novice athlete can perform a knee bend (squat), but does not use the right muscles for that. Possible consequences are: overload of the knee or a sore back. To ensure that this changes, you will work with your personal trainer on lead with isolated exercises for the buttocks and abs. With isolated exercises, the emphasis is on correctly tightening a single muscle. Then we do the knee flexion, which has made it easier to contract the right muscles. With strong abdominal and buttock muscles, the focus at the knee flexion (squat) is more on the back of the legs.

Personal Training Leiden

Waarom is personal training in Leiden belangrijk? In eerste instantie spreekt het voor zich dat niemand met blessures te maken wil hebben; het Why is personal training important in Leiden? In the first instance it goes without saying that nobody wants to deal with injuries; preventing or healing injuries is therefore an important reason to use the right muscles when exercising. In addition, the body will look better (abdomen and glutes not only get stronger but also look more beautiful). Furthermore, “learning to use the right muscles” is important to be able to perform progressions of exercises. For example, with strong buttocks and abdominal muscles you can more easily do a fitness pass, also called a “lunge” in the fitness world. The result of being able to perform more complex exercises is that your burn goes up and you reach an appropriate weight faster . Finally, our customers indicate that they move more easily and freely in everyday life.

Become Stronger then ever!

Exercising in the right way, and also sweating a lot to achieve any additional goals, you achieve that with personal training Leiden! Please contact us for an informal intake!

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