Stronger than ever gave me the energy I needed

When you enjoy going to the gym every week just like I do – and have for 3 years now – that’s saying something about your personal trainer. Martijn manages to motivate me every time, and it’s thanks to several aspects. It starts with listening: He knows what my goals are and manages to flawlessly adjust every session to obtaining them. Every hour of exercise has a varied schedule, and I never feel like we’re stuck on repeat. He understood when I needed to be challenged, and when to tone down the intensity a little. My boundaries are pushed sensibly. Thanks to his intelligent explanations, I now know which muscle groups have to be trained which way.

I still notice that when I work out alone, I don’t feel the results as quickly. Apparently it’s often those extra exertions, or that slightly adjusted posture, that make the difference. And it’s hard to notice that for yourself. When I ask for it, he e-mails me the exercises for every week, so I can do the same workout again for myself. And when I go on holiday, he creates an exercise routine that I can do with limited means, no matter where I am. What a service!

Thankfully, training with Martijn is a lot of fun. We often discuss nutrition, other forms of exercise and sports, and we have some good laughs. In short, Martijn is a trainer who suits me like no other. My sessions with Stronger than ever give me energy!

Communications Manager