Realistic weight goal

You know that diets don’t work, don’t you? Good. Then we can work together.

With achievable goals and modifications that suit your lifestyle, we will work towards a realistic weight. Through coaching sessions, nutritional advice and personal training we will inspire you to get the best out of yourself. Ultimately you will feel best at a weight that suits you.

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Els (51) – lost 33 pounds and trains with a purpose

”After decades of struggle, I reshaped my dietary pattern. I lost 33 pounds, eat healthier, and it’s effortless”

Although I regularly worked out, it felt more like my strength was waning rather than increasing. I didn’t feel very fit, and I got injured more and more. I had lost 13 pounds, but that process had also stalled. Could a personal trainer make a difference for me? That question had been going through my mind for months. I hated physical exercises (until then), and I avoided circuits at the gym. On top of that, I have some of the worst motor skills in the country. But something had to happen to turn the tide. And so I ended up calling Stronger than ever. 


The approach of Stronger than ever is aimed at what you want to achieve individually. For me, that means not just physical exercise, but a nutrition plan that suits my daily routine (a more than full-time job), what I like to eat, and what suits me. That makes it considerably easier to stick with it.

During our first session, I had to do certain exercises I expected were physically impossible for me. But Stronger than ever looks at the individual, and found a way I could do the exercises after all. For me that means building up to the exercise step by step, ramping up the difficulty. And it seems it’s my recipe for success.


I noticed the difference even in the first month. I felt physically stronger, and I was feeling better. It surprised both of us sometimes how quickly I was improving. Martijn keeps you sharp, the exercises get more challenging, but not to a level where you can’t handle them. This lets you build strength quickly. And that inspires confidence, and fun.

When I went on holiday for a month, he helped create a personal programme for me. Because I was progressing so fast, and having fun doing it, I continued doing the exercises once I got home from my holiday. (I’d never thought I’d do something like that!)

Every session is a treat. Good supervision, variation, and positive stimulation.

At first, I wasn’t shedding pounds as fast as I’d hoped. Martijn managed to motivate me every time, and to get me to keep going, assuring me that losing pounds more slowly would have a better long-term effect. Every session is a treat. I’m making rapid physical progress, but I also have a lot of fun.

After 6 months

After 6 months I am physically much stronger, and feel fit, 10 years younger than 6 months ago!

By now I’ve lost another 20 pounds, so it’s 33 in total. After decades of struggle, I reshaped my dietary patter. I lost 33 pounds, eat healthier, and it’s effortless. I still like a glass of wine and a fancy dinner with friends, but my weight seems to have stabilised.

After a month, my husband also started training at Stronger than ever. He’s being trained by Denice, and is just as excited as I am.

Calling Stronger than ever was the best decision I made in all of 2016!

Els Jacobs
HR Manager Legal Department