Meer energie

More energy

Do you have low energy? Do you find that you don’t get enough out of life? Exercise helps, so start moving! With our well thought-out approach,  Stronger than ever can help you find your energetic self back so you can enjoy your life more.

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Eva (40)

”After a year I’m more energetic, slimmer and stronger than ever.”

I thought it was pretty decadent; a personal trainer. I was toying with the idea because I hadn’t been feeling well for a while. I wanted to regain my energy and get stronger. It also wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds.

As a mother, your days can be pretty demanding. And as a writer, being stuck in your own head all day, wasn’t sitting well with me either (both literally and figuratively). So take the plunge.

‘There’s no harm in an intake’, I thought. I did similar intakes in various places, but I was never more comfortable than with Bart, and more importantly: everything was immediately adjusted to what I could and couldn’t do at the time.

What a breath of fresh air after aimlessly wandering the gyms and skipping around aerobics classes, especially with weak ankles, a bad knee and a weird shoulder. Typical, how I used to focus on all the things I couldn’t do. Many exercises were a no-go when I worked out on my own, just because I had no idea how to do them any other way. Now we looked at what I could do, and that list kept growing!

Bart’s strength is that he listens to you, to how you’re feeling that day, whether you’ve had enough sleep, enough rest, what your energy levels are; and adjusted my training accordingly. It’s important to train at the edge of your abilities. To get my body working just hard enough every time so it becomes and remains challenging.

It was one of the best things I’ve done: e-mailing Stronger than ever a year ago and going ahead with the intake. Because – especially as a mother – it becomes second nature to put yourself last. And in a training session, I come first for the entire hour. And that resonates throughout the day, and gives me energy for the days to come. Apart from social interaction, the conversations, training sessions and tips provide a massive boost. In energy, in confidence and in strength, because I’ve done exactly as much as I could at that time, while continually progressing. Stronger than ever looks at where you are at that moment, and helps you build on that.

Theatre maker, writer